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    Our company has experience in selling goods in the Internet for more than five years. We have over 10,000 satisfied customers throughout Europe.
    We sell products to all European countries. All goods are already in the warehouses in the territory of the European Union. You do not pay additional customs costs.
   Products purchased in our online store will provide you and your family with effective protection in any dangerous situation. Also, our products can replenish your personal collection of self-defense tools.
We have the best prices in Europe and a wide range of products for self-defense:
- Stun guns, taser (also combined with advanced features)
- Brass Knuckles in different versions
- Laser pointer of different colors
- Hunting Knives / Pocket Knives (different types) / Throwing Knives & Stars, etc.
- Telescopic batons / handcuffs / nunchuck, etc.
- Pepper sprays and gels
Also in our shop you will find a lot of products for camping, hunting, fishing and other products that make your life easier and safer.
Trading via the Internet is our job.
We value our reputation. We value every customer. We do not disclose personal information about our customers to anyone.
To make this online store and raise its rating in Google, we spent a lot of time and money.
Read comments about us in the Internet. We know that it is very difficult to gain the trust of customers, but it is easy to lose it.
We created pages on Facebook, Instagram. We have YouTube. There you can also find reviews about our company.
We want to work long and safely.
   Please find out about the legality of the product in your country before placing your order. In many cases, the possession and storage of certain goods is legal, but it is prohibited to use and carry them in public places. We are NOT responsible for the misuse of purchased items.
Buy products for self-defense in Europe.If you have questions read FAQ or contact us 24/7 at any time by email:


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